Many thanks to TMSA and Bleu Hope for the photo.

The Northern Streams festival was last weekend – a great time had by all as ever. I really enjoyed the concerts with Caolmhar from Sweden, the Jocelyn Pettit trio from Canada, Norway and the USA, and the amazing Kata singers from the Faroe islands.

The workshops were great too, and we held the Edinburgh Scandi Session there on Sunday afternoon as part of the event. Great to see friends from all over at the festival.

There is video linked from the TMSA Facebook page, and more photos here:

Many thanks to Fiona Campbell and all the other TMSA helpers for putting this together.

Wicker Horse

We had a great week in Dumfries and Galloway over Easter, with glorious weather. The wicker horse was decorating Kirkcudbright centre, I fitted in a couple of bike rides in the sunshine, we visited MacLellan’s Castle, the savings bank museum and kirkyard in Ruthwell, and I had my first sea swim of the season (cold water though, only about 9C I think!). I also found a rather glorious mediaeval goblet in the shop at MacLellan’s Castle! And of course I forgot to add when I first put this up – we went to the lovely session at the Steam Packet Inn in Isle of Whithorn, where the nyckelharpa had a great time as always (joined by the fiddle on this occasion!).

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Old Edinburgh Buses

Not being a bus anorak I can’t identify the type, but I do remember the style! Transport for Edinburgh 🙂 were running some of their old museum stock on the number 5 route, and I caught a couple of them as I was out in Morningside.

It was great today to see the SpaceX Crew Dragon arriving at the International Space Station today (complete with crew dummy “Ripley”). Fantastic to see high resolution images in real time – for those of us who watched low res video of the Apollo program it looks more like a sci-fi movie!

Well here’s a thing. Yesterday there were a couple of brief power outages, both under a second, separated by an hour or two. The first did no harm other than causing routers etc. to reset and clearing clocks without battery backup.

The second did a little more – my desktop PC is protected against power surges, but the power interruption caused the computer to reset. It booted, but came up with a blank screen rather than my usual “which operating system would you like just now?” Grub boot screen. Um …..

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