A first go at recording the pibroch Karen Marshalsay taught us on the EIHF course. Lots of practising needed yet but friends and family can hear the sound of the harp!

Karen Marshalsay you were right – these tunes are hard to get out of the brain. I think I’ve got pibrochitis. I was on the bus into town for a session at the Antiquary (fiddle of course ) and The Battle of the Bridge of Perth played in my head all the way from Morningside to Lothian Road. Every variation. And the final ground.

Thank you Karen Marshalsay for the great introduction to pibroch on the wire strung harp at the The Clarsach Society & Edinburgh International Harp Festival. I always found pibroch fascinating and it was great to have the structure explained and demonstrated so well. A really enjoyable course – I’m going to have to work on that Crumluach (which incidentally came up with only one Google result when I checked the spelling!).

Just had a great first day at The Clarsach Society & Edinburgh International Harp Festival (Facebook won’t let me shorten this to the Harp Festival bit!), taking a course on Pibroch on the wire strung harp with Karen Marshalsay. Also went to the concert this evening – great stuff from a long list of well known and very talented performers. Then joined the session afterwards (with my fiddle of course, not the harp) and had some fun before heading off home. Great tunes!