Just got back from Glasgow – a Celtic Connections concert with ‘Northern Lights’. A fantastic project – they only got together 12 days ago but played six new pieces of music, one from each band member. Piano, clarsach, fiddle, concertina, flute/whistle/bohran and cittern. Probably the best Celtic Connections gig I’ve been to. CD out soon I hope!

Pie! Portillo was visiting Pooles Pies (of Pemberton, Wigan for them that’s forrin) in “Great British Railway Journeys” this week. It inspired me to do a home made meat pie for tea today. Yum!


This is about the only real science on the BBC at present. Such a small amount of time devoted to it – you can feel the presenters rushing to get through it all. (Memories of Patrick Moore’s high speed presentation in The Sky at Night!)

Why does real science get so little time on TV?