Scandi keyboard

Well I finally decided I had used a software keyboard for Scandinavian characters enough – the problem was that I would put the keyboard into Scandi mode, type text, then forget to put it back to normal, and discover that my text was full of the wrong punctuation!

I’m still finding some of the characters on this new keyboard, but it won’t be long before it feels completely comfortable – and I’ll have no more problems typing Swedish (or other languages needed for Edinburgh Scandi Session tune names!).

I couldn’t resist sharing this link – I see the aurora so rarely in Edinburgh but it’s really common in Shetland. There was a big aurora on …

Would you like to see the Northern Lights – right now? Just head over to (Cliff Cam1 and Cliff Cam3)Enjoy!

Posted by Promote Shetland on Sunday, 18 March 2018

Just got back from Edinburgh and District Shetland Association 90th Anniversary dinner-dance, at the Balmoral Hotel. We survived to the Grand March and the Boston Quick-Step! Lovely for Marwyn to do lots of “reddin-up ken” – I think she monopolised her second cousin Alan Gifford until he was called away to play in Da Fustra, starting with a new tune he had written for the occasion. A great evening!

John (lots of wine) and Marwyn (no drink at all apart from mineral water) having a great time!

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Sunshine in Glasgow! A great Fika session this afternoon, many thanks to people for welcoming the nyckelharpa from the east We played a great selection of tunes, including lots of my favourites. Must take a recorder next time to get the tunes people don’t know the names of 🙂

dusty nyckelharpa