Well the Comunn Tìr nam Beann Dùn Èideann ceilidh went well – I did two 15 minute slots and several people came up afterwards with compliments It was a full house, quite a few visitors there (New Zealand, France, Morocco – and Sweden!). Enjoyable, I must do this sort of thing again. Great to introduce the nyckelharpa to people who have never seen one before!  The Swedish couple came and spoke at the interval – they are from Stockholm, and Peter Hedlund (they called him Peter Puma of course) has played in their house. Peter was one of the tutors at Halsway last September.

nyckelharpa player

Apologies for fuzzy photos – low light levels and all that …


It’s quite a nice venue. Hadn’t been in there before.

Glasgow airport 3 hours ago. They’re now in the air, over the lovely Kintyre peninsula and heading across the Atlantic. Not too long before we’ll be following!