The nyckelharpa had a bit of an outing over the last two days in the session at the Scots Fiddle Festival. I didn’t see any others there! A few Swedish tunes were played, and I even got the session to join in with a couple of them! Mostly fiddle though – I can’t yet play reels up to speed on the nyckelharpa, and never expect to be able to do so! All great fun – lots of tunes.

Last Wednesday Jean Cameron (who I had met at Halsway) and I were at the Fèis Rois session at the Tulloch Caste hotel in Dingwall – we gave about 20 other traditional musicians a rendering of the polska “1814”. Our claim for the most northerly nyckelharpa session in the UK! We met up again on Saturday for more tunes – many thanks to Jean and Donald for their hospitality.

2 nyckelharpa players

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