Standing stone

It’s 50 years since a group of undergraduates from the Cambridge University Astronomical Society had a holiday surveying megalithic sites in Argyll to investigate possible astronomical alignments. It was a lot of fun, and we even wrote it up and the results were published in a paper in Nature 253, 431‑433 (1975) which was probably something of an achievement at the time, though I’m not sure that we realised how much!

We had a great time meeting up and revisiting old haunts in the area.

Toronto square

After a long gap, we travelled again. Lovely to be able to visit the “fam” in Toronto. We had to wait a very long time for the Canadian authorities to remove the possibility of us being tested at random for Covid on arrival, and quarantined. Sad face.

Norwich Cathedral

Last year we had intended to visit East Anglia on our way home from the nyckel;harpa gathering at Halsway. Unfortunately we had car problems which meant that we had to complete the journey by train, and abandon our holiday plans. This year we managed to do the holiday trip, though without a Halsway visit for once.