We had only visited Haute-Savoie briefly before. It was certainly warm this year, even in Belgium on the journey out!

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The start and end of our visit to Canada. We had a great time.

Our two night flying visit to Québec (vielle ville). We flew with Porter from Toronto city airport (Billy Bishop) and it’s a great airline.


A few days touring in south Ontario with Malcolm and Steff.

Just got back from our fantastic trip to Sweden. Thanks to all who made us so welcome. The weather could be nicer to welcome us back though – it was grey and windy on the ferry coming in to Newcastle this morning. These girls were getting blown about a bit! More photos and video of Sweden to follow in due course …

on ferry from Netherlands

We like to travel. Since we’re now retired we can’t call this “holidays” any more – but we’ll blog about our travels here.