Just got back from our fantastic trip to Sweden. Thanks to all who made us so welcome. The weather could be nicer to welcome us back though – it was grey and windy on the ferry coming in to Newcastle this morning. These girls were getting blown about a bit! More photos and video of Sweden to follow in due course …

on ferry from Netherlands

Marwyn and I were lucky to be able to attend Peter Hedlund’s birthday celebration – here is the master himself with Christer Häggmark. We heard some great tunes before we had to go back to our stuga – we were packing up to leave the day after. Many thanks indeed Peter!

Peter Hedlund

In June I enjoyed a visit to the nyckelharpstämma at Österbybruk. It was great fun to take part in the procession through the town, playing the old tunes I had learned. Many thanks to Anne Kelly for coping well with our ancient video camera – here are some clips of the tunes. (Date shifted to move the post to be with the other Österbybruk posts.)



The procession:


On the Sunday morning the allspel had us on benches in front of the stage playing tunes by or in the style of many famous nyckelharpa players.

After the spelmanståg (procession) we couldn’t all fit on the stage for the allspel. Me in black with straw hat. Thanks to Anne Kelly for the photo.


One of the reasons for our visit – so that I could admire lots of lovely nyckelharpas. With Anne Kelly who took the photo – it was so busy in the exhibition it was impossible to get further away!