As you can see we have moved to WordPress. You may have seen the previous website in its temporary state but everything there has now been unpublished and it will soon go away.

Blogging will recommence here Real Soon Now!

(updated 11 April 2018)

Family and friends coming across this website might realise that it’s a new one! We have had our old website at

for quite a while now, and it has always been a hand-crafted site. That of course means it is not trivial to add new stuff to it (though not at all difficult). However, in this busy age of a full retirement it will be nice to have something a bit more convenient, and since I’ve used Joomla for a few years now for both the Lothians Radio Society and also the GM microwave round table websites, it seemed a good idea to try it for a home site.

Another reason is that over the last year or two I’ve started to use Facebook for family and friend communication – and for group stuff like the Edinburgh Shetland Fiddlers or nyckelharpa people. It’s great for that, but I realised I’d started to blog stuff there as well, which is not ideal as Facebook is not properly structured (and the people who run it are forever changing how it works), whereas here we will have full control over where things are kept. My current major project is the kontrabas nyckelharpa, but when I get back to amateur radio stuff, that will be blogged here as well.

Since I’d picked up the “” domain when it became available, it is hosted there, and the old site will continue until I’ve decided how best to organise all the stuff in it. It may well become the archive.