A nice clear night for our last night of the season. Orion standing over our neighbours’ caravan. Exposure 20s at f/3.5, camera propped on a box on the ground. I must get a somewhat faster lens and do some meteor photography …


A truly excellent performance by Leveret this evening (Andy Cutting – melodeon; Rob Harbron – concertina; Sam Sweeney – fiddle) at the Traverse Theatre. Real English folk music, including some Playford and plenty of their compositions. We heard them on last week’s “Travelling Folk” and decided we had to go. Tremendous!



The tailpiece on the kontrabasharpa was originally designed to be somewhat over-engineered, as I had no idea how strong it really needed to be, or what I could get away with. Also I still have no certainty as to what the wood is that I used to make it! However (a) it works fine and is certainly way too heavy, and (b) it looks a bit ugly as well as heavy. Something more delicate is called for, and we’ll hope it doesn’t break.

piano wood

So there it is – another bit of recycled piano ready for some serious shaping.