Whole moon image

Yet another clear evening! A new adapter for my old Pentax fitting lens had arrived, so I was keen to try that; however I had also found an ancient eyepiece for a microscope that fits in the camera adapter for my old 3 inch telescope, so this is a photo of the whole Moon taken with that setup.

Technical details: 3 inch (75mm) aperture refractor, unknown focal length microscope eyepiece (maybe 20mm), cobbled together coupling of old RAS thread drawtube, adapter for Pentax fitting camera, and 42mm to Nikon F adapter. ISO 400, 1/50 second exposure.

I took quite a few photos with that setting, after some trials to try to get the best focus. The image quality is not good towards the edge of the field, there is a lot of chromatic aberration; the old eyepiece is not really suitable. However from a couple of images with the south and north western parts of the Moon nearer the centre, I cropped out a couple of other photos.

South west polar region

This is the south west part of the Moon, with large crater Janssen centre left, and Mare Nectaris with the large mostly filled in crater sticking into it.

Moon north west edge

Here’s the north west part of the Moon, with the very obvious Mare Crisium centre right; this is the dark spot easily seen with the naked eye.

Technical details for both images as for the header image. These are only processed a little to change brightness and contrast. For an old 3 inch refractor, I am fairly pleased and should be able to obtain slightly better images away from the city. I must also try to find a better eyepiece for projection.