Last Wednesday Jean Cameron (who I had met at Halsway) and I were at the Fèis Rois session at the Tulloch Caste hotel in Dingwall – we gave about 20 other traditional musicians a rendering of the polska “1814”. Our claim for the most northerly nyckelharpa session in the UK! We met up again on Saturday for more tunes – many thanks to Jean and Donald for their hospitality.

2 nyckelharpa players

Many thanks to Edna and Tony for kind hospitality on the way back from our Inverness trip. Another northerly AGS reunion of XHG and XHB. No detentions awarded!

Edna and John

The nyckelharpa was also brought out for a wee demonstration …

Thanks to Edna for the photo

On the way back we encountered quite a bit of snow over Glensee.