Early September means the annual Halsway nyckelharpa meeting. This year Marwyn attended as a non-participant (i.e. groupie!) and enjoyed the concert and sessions (and catching up with her Swedish). I enjoyed the workshops and wished I could have been at all of them – the guest musicians were Josefina Paulson and Torbjörn Näsbom, with Vicki Swan also teaching some fascinating stuff (as well as organising the whole thing).

Moraharpa – top view

One feature was the increased number of gammelharpor (old style instruments) and their relations – not from the original period, but built recently (including my kontrabasharpa). The photo of Vicki’s Moraharpa (I thought it was Scott’s – they come from the same maker!) is one of several (along with measurements) I took – now I wonder what a future project could possibly be?

The parade is a traditional feature and fortunately the weather was dry.

Milling around before the group photo
Group photo with bows at “Yay!”

This year Marwyn was present to take some video of the parade.

There are now too many participants for a “harpa wheel” of all the instruments (there isn’t enough room in the hall at Halsway), so this year Vicki organised a gammelharpa wheel.

Two kontrabas nyckelharpas, two Moraharpas, and a “Siennaharpa”

Great fun as always, we’ll hopefully be back next year.