When I was recording the Brudmarsch efter Axel Inge after Halsway, a tune came to me. I finally got round to recording it.

I called it “Brudvals” because it’s probably influenced a bit by the Axel Inge Brudmarsch; also the ceilidh band played at a wedding last Wednesday! It may also have been influenced a bit by Vicki Swan’s kontrabasharpa schottis “Lego Bricks” that I played with her in the bar at Halsway – two kontrabasharpor, yay!

I was originally intending to have just one main melody line, with a second coming in for the repeats of the tune, then a harmony for the repeat. It ended up with 4 melody lines gradually introduced, and two harmony lines together – it gives a richer sound. (And hides the occasional fluff!) Instead of using a photo sequence for the video, I tried making a video, playing along in time to the mixed recording. This works OK and is not difficult to synchronise even without a clapperboard 🙂  The camera sound is discarded.