Ready for performance

I had a set list – reasonably well rehearsed – and had nearly an hour for a solo performance. It went better than expected and I had plenty people interested in the nyckelharpa afterwards!

Altogether I got through about 15 tunes; the last polska had to be cut as the time was running out. Even so, I played (and talked of course) for about 55 minutes.

I played largely Swedish tunes, as that’s what most of my nyckelharpa repertoire is, but also included much of my non-Swedish repertoire, which is largely old Shetland listening tunes but also has one or two others. Many thanks to Marwyn for operating the video camera; I have cut it down to a little clip from each tune.

I really must get my posture improved for playing when standing up (which I don’t usually do). As you can see, I had been provided with a chair, but since I needed (I was told) to use the microphone for speaking I decided to stand and move around. I’m also not used to playing solo – if I do this again I hope it will be with a little group!

Many thanks to St Mary’s Haddington for giving me the opportunity to play in their “St Mary’s at 4” summer concert series. The acoustic of the building is absolutely fabulous!