The case for my nyckelharpa is (nearly) finished. There is even room for strings in the box at top left!

 in the box

The nyckelharpa in place in its box showing how the nut is held firmly. A pad in the lid closes over to prevent movement in transit. There is a very soft pad in the lid over the keyboard tangents / leaves, to stop them rattling!
neck end
Started in April, finished enough to be used for Halsway in September, now very nearly finished! I will probably add one or two more small strips of padding on protruding screws etc. This photo is without the foam block which holds the tailpiece in place.
empty box
The tailpiece is held firm by a foam block – this photo shows the loose block in place (held by Velcro). You can also see one of the blocks with a twist fixing to hold a bow in place in the lid.
tail end
The support for the neck (at the nut) is pretty solid, though padded with a 5mm layer of foam on the edges of the firbreboard. Note the neat little storage box with a fabric handle!