From 2016

We’re back again! Another celebration of the nyckelharpa. This photo is from 2016; a lot of tunes have gone by since then. Here’s the main page: and my stuff is linked below.

Over the day lots of stuff is being posted online. Here are things I have been involved with.

This tune, Klockstapelvalsen, is by Byss-Calle and has a story behind it. I have played it in front of the actual klockstapel in Sweden a few years ago, but at that stage I certainly couldn’t play it at this speed!

This next one is a tune from the country I live in – Scotland. I had originally thought I would use one of the lovely Shetland tunes that go well on the nyckelharpa, but a couple of weeks before I intended to record it our friends Anne and Dennis had come across this tune as it was being taught by Nigel Gatherer. It’s from Paul Anderson, a great fiddler from Tarland in Aberdeenshire. I have been to fiddle workshops with Paul in various places, and also met him again in 2019 when Peter Hedlund was visiting Scotland. It’s a beautiful tune, called Fingal’s Cave. You should listen to Paul playing it – there’s a link to a video of him in my description on YouTube.

I haven’t posted this next one on here – I did it for Marwyn’s cousin Janet last December. More Scottish tunes on the nyckelharpa: