It’s a while since I collected my lovely nyckelharpa from Olle Plahn in Falun, Sweden, in May 2014. This was me trying to get a tune out of it in the hotel in Falun.

Now we have the first World Nyckelharpa Day! There’s lots going on, including people all over the place playing Björnlåten at 12 noon (UK time). I have added some links here to stuff especially on YouTube which is related.

To get us in the mood, here’s a polska! It’s “Polska efter Johan Jacob Bruun” which I recorded a week ago.

Here’s another tune I did recently – not Swedish, but a lovely pipe tune by Gordon Duncan – the “Sleeping Tune”.

The playlist of Byss-Calle tunes – as many as possible of the 57, hopefully there will be more next year – is started off by the brilliant Olov Johansson playing number 1 and number 2. Here’s number 2:

You can find more on the Nyckelharpa UK YouTube playlist.

Here’s “Skålarna”, number 9 – I’m on this one 🙂 – an “across the pond” collaboration!

This next one was my chosen tune from the Byss-Calle list. Peter Hedlund does a wonderful version of it on his CD “Resonans”.

This is the Byss-Calle tune that’s probably best known, and lots of us were involved in this next video:

I think that will do for today.