Well – I’ve finally managed to convince my Windows system to update itself. I’ve been trying for a while – since they stopped supporting the version I had running.

I have Windows 10 dual-booted with Linux, and to be honest the Windows system doesn’t get used very often – but it seemed it wanted to update to the latest version to keep security updates coming. Several times I tried and got the truly helpful “Something has gone wrong” diagnostic. I guessed it needed more space, as when I cleaned out disk space to make room for the update process, the disk space available actually reduced – eh? – and I realised it was grabbing what it could to fit in stuff for the update.

However today I had to remove games from the second partition on the SSD to make even more room before it was able to install the update. I was even going to shrink that partition and increase the “C:” one (so amazingly daft that DOS is still effectively there as a memory!) but it said it didn’t have room to do that either! Anyway, it just grabbed the free space in the games partition and finally the upgrade succeeded – so I now have Windows 10 Creators Update, version 1709, for whatever good it will do me.

I have ordered another 1Tb drive to use as the games partition.

I hate Windoze!