bike and view

Some good weather let me get in a couple of bike rides whilst in Gatehouse. I did a little recce of the roads (since I’ve not been on them much yet this season) and was horrified by the potholes on the Lauriston climb. The top photo is the view from the car park about half way up the climb (as far as I went on the recce).

Even though the sign says 14%, I’m sure it isn’t that steep 🙂


Coming back I went via the bridge at Castramont – very pretty indeed.


A couple of days later I managed a longer ride of about 50km, over the hill via Gatehouse station as I often do.


I went a bit further than the Gem Rock Museum (where I usually have a coffee) and along the old railway track towards Newton Stewart, to Kirroughtree (where I had another coffee).

The view on the way back from the old railway line, looking out over the Cree to Wigtown, is rather good.


Traffic on the A75 thunders past closer to sea level; it’s good to escape it.