We had our home Yule Session yesterday – we played about 40 tunes using various combinations of fiddle (4), guitar (2), cello, ukelele, lever clarsach (2), piano, whistle (2 at least), three-row nyckelharpa, erhu, kontrabas nyckelharpa, 80 bass accordion … I think that’s it. It was a tremendous amount of fun! Many thanks to everyone who attended, musicians and those who fed and watered them 😃 and took photos.

harp and harpa
The nyckelharpa resting beside the lever harp

I couldn’t decide which tunes to select for a video so here’s 6 seconds of each of them to accompany some photos. I know it’s a bit long (over 4 minutes) and I’ll post more photos separately if requested. I really enjoyed it and hope everyone else did too. Thanks to Elaine for taking some photos, and to Marwyn and Dee for slaving in the kitchen to feed us.

As always, it was tremendous fun. Here’s the playlist:

01 Da Lounge Bar
02 Raunon Valssi
03 Vagnshusschottis
04 Polska fran Hälleforsnäs
05 Mossa på Bro
06 Julottan
07 Return from Helsinki
08 Jag Ser Deg Søte Lam
09 Med Ludvig i Sekken
10 An Dro (Johannes)
11 Noces Tragiques
12 O’Keefe’s Slide
13 The Hag at the Churn
14 The Butterfly
15 Far Frae Hame
16 Da Rodd Ta Houll
17 Da Full Riggit Ship
18 Da New Riggit Ship
19 A Scarce o Tatties
20 Lyndhurst
21 The Arran Boat
22 Calum’s Road
23 Inisheer
– break –
24 Kontrabasharpa Polska efter Svankvist
25 Polska efter Erlandsson
26 Da Slockit Light
27 Hamnataing
28 Maklins Vals from Orsa
29 The Shetland Molecule
30 Vidar Skrede’s Norwegian Waltz
31 Reinlender
32 Blak og Weiss
33 Belle Mere’s Waltz
34 Waltz of the Little Girls
35 Miss Rowan Davies
36 Margaret’s Waltz
37 Midnight on the Water
38 The North Sider
39 No More Cages
40 Two Fifty to Vigo
41 Farewell to Whisky