The back of the instrument is made from tonewood – a part of the old piano soundboard, cut to size and planed to thickness – about 6mm thick. You can see that the glue (or varnish) on the soundboard penetrated very deeply in one of the pieces (butt glued) of the soundboard. Thjis doesn’t matter though – it will be inside the instrument. The other side is clear of marks.


Here’s the back glued and clamped. I used a hide glue, Titebond, which is in gooey liquid form with a solvent, rather than having to be cooked up in a glue pot like we used to have in Mr Gullick’s woodwork class at school! It looks a bit like a boat here – and I’ve done a bit of boatbuilding with the full size thing in the past, but I always used epoxy resin for that. Here I want to have the option of the back and top of the instrument being removable for repairs if absolutely necessary.

clamping the back

Another view of the clamping arrangements – I really need to get more clamps.

clamp close up

Here are two home-made clamps to hold the middle section.

wood clamps

And here’s the tailpiece end of the body …

tail end