Time to finish the rough shaping, and round off all the sharp corners! First a bit more wood can be taken out quickly – the fastest way by drilling holes that can be cut across using the coping saw. Never cut out too much at once – you can’t put it back …

shaping started

A bit of work with the saw removes another large chunk of wood.

more cut out

After sawing, drilling and a bit of rasping, here’s the rough body shape done. It already looks something like it should. There are still imperfections in the wood that are yet to be cut away.


I was amazed by how strong the body structure seems to be – it didn’t wobble at all when clamped in the vice and I used the coping saw on it. Most of that wood that started out in the structure is now cut away!

coping saw

That took a while – a band saw would have been really useful but I do this sort of thing so rarely that hand tools have to be the way of it for most things. It’s very satisfying to work like this though. Here’s the inside sawn out, ready for more planing.


Here’s an oblique view of the body. Almost done now, and looking much more like the real thing.