The first step is to glue together the large blocks of wood from which the body and neck will be cut. I decided to use a waterproof glue that will not creep for this – because I’m trying to emulate a solid block of wood. I was surprised to find Cascamite still available – it’s a wonderful urea formaldehyde glue – and it smells just like it did when I was young, when my father built a large model boat using it.


The joint surfaces were prepared carefully before gluing, and the joints well clamped whilst the stuff sets.

clamps - body

The next bit was to join the neck piece – note the use of a protective piece of chipboard to stop the clamps messing up the joint surface on the other side.

two joints

That’s the second side added – both ends need to be glued at the same time.

That’s the bottom end glued up.