The tailpiece isn’t fastened to the body, just held in place by the tension of the strings and a retaining string or wire. It must be strong enough not to break under tension. I still haven’t decided whether or not to add a reinforcing screw – it’s probably not needed.

Here’s the wood it’s made from:

bit of piano

It didn’t take long to cut out the right shape:

first cut

Some work with a saw makes it look closer to the finished item:


Then some planing, chiselling and drilling later:


The holes were drilled from the end, not as straight as they might have been, but I think they will be OK.

topFinally, the fine tuners are attached:

Underneath, the tuning adjusters are recessed:


This is the peg that could be reinforced with a brass screw:

end peg

Finally, the fine tuners are attached – now it’s time to make the bridge … (you can see I’m putting off the keys until last )