After a break since earlier this year, I got out walking again with Anne – we did a little walk up Castlelaw Hill to check out her knees! All seems well, thankfully. It was an extremely windy day, but our walk slotted in nicely between showers so we didn’t get wet.

Anne on the summit. The Army’s flag has been unfurled by the wind.

It’s a nice little walk; there’s a car park below the iron age fort (the original “castle” of Castlelaw, presumably) and a good track up to the summit, as the army clearly use a land rover to sort out their warning flags for the firing range.

Furled flag showing the range (visible to right centre) is not in use.

As you go up the track you can see the firing range, with Glencorse reservoir and Black Hill behind it. The track continues on across the Pentlands, but the spur up to the summit gets pretty steep towards the top.

Anne on the summit, somewhat wind blown.

It’s a good view from the summit, though Caerketton annd Allermuir hills are fairly close and hide most of the Forth to the north. The view to the south (above) is better.

The iron age fort.

The fort is quite large, and the best views are from above on the way down. You can also visit a souterrain built into the fort.