It’s January so it must be Celtic Connections.

We had interesting seats in the Royal Concert Hall, enabling me to be critical of the sound techs 🙂

It was a great concert though, with Malinky supporting TOSTA Banda, a fusion of minority language groups from the west of Europe.

Malinky were great, with the addition of four or five guest singers including some remarkably good youngsters some of whom will no doubt be appearing in the Young Trad Musician of the Year before too long.

The sound was great too – the only slip up noticed was when the sound tech missed a bodhran played by one singer coming in after she sat down – he was hunting frantically for the fader before we could hear the bodhran!

TOSTA Banda was a great experience, we really enjoyed the performance. It was marred slightly by the fact that the sound tech (they had their own) seemed to be a bit deaf – the sound level generally was a bit too high, with my ears clipping when the Galician singer was singing at maximum volume (which was a lot of the time).

Overall a fantastic concert though, we really enjoyed it.