The setup for recording, using Audacity on the Raspberry Pi, is great. However Audacity is a bit limited in what it can do when mixing the tracks down (though it can do a lot). I don’t think that Ardour, a more complex DAW (digital audio workstation – hah!) will run on the Raspberry Pi, although there are other possibilities that might.

I recorded 11 tracks using the nyckelharpa, fiddle, and lever harp, all on Audacity. I then exported them as .wav files and imported them into an Ardour session so that I could use the programmable faders in Ardour. Here’s a screenshot:

Ardour screenshot

Lots of fun to play with, and I’m learning all the time. The main thing I need to get right is getting used to hearing myself and the recording in headphones – getting the balance right is critical to playing in time with myself! I’ve not quite got that perfect yet.

Here is the result – a tune called “Björnlaten”, the Bear Tune, with some snowy pictures to go with it.

“Snön ligger vit, ligger, ligger nyfallen vit
Snön ligger djup, ligger, ligger tolv famnar djup ….”

I wonder what fuss would be made here in the UK if it was as deep as they get in Sweden?
I think this little collection of old photos is fun!

The video is put together with Openshot Video Editor – it’s easy and quick.