We were in Devon and Cornwall after Halsway, and somewhere I have wanted to visit for a long time is the Eden Project. In particular I wanted to see the biomes – two large climate controlled zones made from geodesic dome sections, built in an old clay pit.

Both biomes were excellent, though I took far fewer photos in the mediterranean zone, probably because the plants were more familiar.


The rainforest biome has high level walkways as well as the ground, and even has a few exotic birds. The hibiscus flowers are beautiful.

The dome structure is fascinating: two sheets of strong polymer (ETFE) blown into a shallow bubble in each structural hexagon. You can see the pipes that keep them inflated.

Lots of water in the rainforest biome.

View from the research hut window.


A good size waterfall in the forest.

View from the walkway.

Wobbly bridge walkway.

Some artificial cloud by the bridge!

Mediterranean domes from the rainforest domes.

Some tikis by a polynesian hut.



I loved it. Very glad to have made the visit.