We had only visited Haute-Savoie briefly before. It was certainly warm this year, even in Belgium on the journey out!

The gîte was in a great location, very close to some wonderful hills. The Tour de France had passed through a couple of weeks earlier, so there was plenty of evidence still about. I had taken the bike, and had some great short trips in the very small local hills, and on the flat around St-Pierre-en-Faucigny. Cycling up hills in temperatures of 36C was not fun though! Chris came out to stay with us for a few days, and we had enjoyable trips to Annecy and Geneva.

We travelled back through the south of Germany, staying on the Rhine, before our usual final stop in Noordwiek aan Zee.

A lovely break, and I certainly enjoyed the warmth, even if I didn’t get in the water as much as I might have liked!