I prefer the portrait version of this photo (on the website) but this is cropped so it will be visible in Facebook …castle

Even though it’s right by the motorway, as a retired astronomer I like to see this building – the Tycho Brahe hus, above lake Vättern in Sweden, north of Jönköping.

hotel cottages

Back in Denmark again, at the lovely Svogerslev Kro.

hotel gardens

Then in Germany, back at Frommans Landhotel.


A lovely sunset over the beach  at Noordwijk aan Zee.

windy weather

When we got to Zandvort the following morning it was a bit windy and grey for swimming.

beach bar

It brightened up later, in time for our usual visit to Rapa Nui.

view from ferry

Approaching Newcastle the following morning, with the Sun out again. The end of a great trip.