big rune stone

There are lots of rune stones in the part of Sweden we were visiting. This was the biggest, with runes and interlacing patterns carved into a large rock.

big rune stone

This is another view of it, with Marwyn’s legs for scale. It’s at Granby, near Orkesta, south east of Arlanda airport.

small rune stone

This one is close to Granby, where we found a lovely place for coffee and rather beautiful craft items. We wouldn’t have found either had we not followed the joint signs for “fika” and “ancient monument”!

rune stone and people

We found this one on the way to Österbybruk just off the road. Marwyn and Anne providing scale here!

rune stone in church wall

This one is built into the church wall at the Orkesta church.

rune stone in church gable

Here’s one that’s high up on the gable end of the church at Kårsta.

small rune stone

Finally one that looks like a Christian gravestone, by the church wall at Edsbro.