Edinburgh Shetland Fiddlers entertaining the Edinburgh and District Shetland Association at their annual Sassermaet Supper. (Sassermaet being a Shetland delicacy, apparently now served with sand eels  ). Thanks Donald Gorman (and Kirstie’s dad) for the photo in Facebook.

Posted by Donald Gorman on Sunday, 5 March 2017

First ceilidh of the year this evening with the Buskers – no photos, too busy playing   A good turn-out – 9 in the band – 3 fiddles, 3 accordions, guitar, keyboard, drums – great sound, great fun!

I play the fiddle. There will be more here in due course …

… and there now (April 2018) is. This was a holding page whilst I was still deciding how to rationalise my blogging – and the real website has won out over Facebook 🙂