We had our home Yule Session yesterday – we played about 40 tunes using various combinations of fiddle (4), guitar (2), cello, ukelele, lever clarsach (2), piano, whistle (2 at least), three-row nyckelharpa, erhu, kontrabas nyckelharpa, 80 bass accordion … I think that’s it. It was a tremendous amount of fun! Many thanks to everyone who attended, musicians and those who fed and watered them 😃 and took photos.

harp and harpa
The nyckelharpa resting beside the lever harp

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A great day with the nyckelharpa at the Scots Fiddle Festival. I played a couple of hour or so sessions in the café, one when I arrived that attracted two or three fiddlers and a mandolin, and another later in the afternoon with people from the Edinburgh Scandi Sesssion. Several of Vicki‘s IKEA-style nyckelharpa information leaflets were also given out to interested people in the café.
I also enjoyed several of the recitals: Mairi Thérèse Gilfedder, OBT (Tom Oakes, Jon Bews and Daniel Thorpe) and Carly Blain. All truly excellent.

OBT playing to a packed audience!! 🎻

Posted by Scots Fiddle Festival on Saturday, 18 November 2017

Not difficult to spot me in the audience! (until the link breaks …)

The Fiddle Festival starts! Chris came over from the west and came to the opening concert with us; we went to the Southern Bar in Edinburgh to eat, and they had reserved the table in a rather grand way! The concert was excellent – Snuffbox supporting Graham Mackenzie and his band. We had heard both Charlie Stewart (Snuffbox fiddler) and Graham Mackenzie before at the Young Traditional Musician of the Year concerts at Celtic Connections over the years.

An appropriate bottle label!


Fiddlecam photos of the Greenbank Buskers out again for the annual Greenbank Ceilidh. Sorry about the blue, but that was their lighting scheme for the evening! Taken in our first break whilst the young pipers played. Photos from the fiddle section.