An absolutely great session today, with a lovely mix of instruments. When I stopped playing to listen it sounded great

Harpacam view

Thanks to all who managed to get there – I think we had about 14 players at maximum, certainly at least 13. We played some new stuff including Brudmarsch efter Axel Inge taught by Josefina Paulson at Halsway a couple of weeks ago.

We also played a few tunes from our lists that we don’t often play, and three of Peter Hedlund‘s tunes – Tidlösa Valsen, Fläckpolskan and Iste Kornbodsmarsch.

I’ll try to get the new tunes onto the Edinburgh Scandi Session website / dropbox as soon as I can.

The Boda Bar also posted a photo – here it is, until the Facebook link breaks:

Come and feel the Scandinavian vibes. Grab your instruments and join our Scandi folk session or grab yourself a nordic drink and enjoy the atmospheric music!

Posted by Boda Bar on Sunday, 23 September 2018