Masonic Arms doorway

We were through in Gatehouse and went to the Masonic Arms for their regular Thursday evening session. We had been once or twice before but not found anyone there – this time some great musicians turned up, singers, guitars, a bass (electric with small amp), moothie, bodhran, tea chest – great stuff with a fine mix of songs and tunes.

The Masonic Arms in Gatehouse of Fleet

The nyckelharpa went down extremely well – the pretty tunes (including the Brudmarsch efter Axel Inge taught by Josefina at Halsway that I can’t get out of my head!) especially appreciated, with a polska or two as well. It was a chance to play Da Silver Bow and Davidson the Luthier as well, which I don’t do in Scandi sessions 🙂

Altogether a great time – definitely the first time I have played a 12-bar blues solo line on the nyckelharpa!