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Well, there were lots of things – one great bit of the teaching involved playing movements from Jonny Dyer‘s new nyckelharpa suite. I wanted to have a go at recording some of it – and as it’s a trio it needs multi-track overdubs again.

I had a first go yesterday using the setup with the Raspberry Pi I have described before. However there were definitely problems. First, I have still not mastered playing a second time along whilst listening on the headphones to the previous track, and trying to keep exactly in time; the precision was definitely poor! Secondly, I wondered about some clicking and popping in later tracks. I sent the result to Vicki who gave me some advice and analysis. Then I had an idea …

Last year Marwyn got a new laptop which meant that her old Mac Mini was retired. Apple have stopped supporting the Mac Mini anyway, I could no longer update the operating system. However it still works – and it has a fan that’s pretty quiet. I installed Audacity on it and decided to give it a go today.

Here’s the result:

I made a lot of takes of each part to give the Mac a lot of work – 7 for part 1, 4 for part 2 and 3 for part 3. Basically I kept going until I had a take with hardly any fluffs that I could use in its entirity.

Here’s the recording station; Audacity software on the Mac Mini:


You can see I was using a click track to solve my timing problems. It’s a great improvement, I just need a bit more practice in using it. After recording, the individual tracks were exported to .wav files.

The wav files were then mixed in Ardour on the Linux system, but all I did was select the three best tracks and shift part 2 to one side and part 3 to the other.


That’s it. Hooray! Now I can practice the other movements and have a go at those – along with lots of other stuff that I need to work on.


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