coffee time

We’re back from a few days in Gatehouse where the weather could have been better but we managed a couple of BBQs and a nice little walk (and swim for John). Nice and peaceful!

We managed to barbecue on two nights – here’s the chef waiting for the heat to build up.


We have tried on a couple of occasions to do a coastal walk south from Garlieston on the Machars, both times having to turn back because of a very muddy path. This time we went prepared with boots and made it a lot further, beyond Rigg Bay.

Rigg bay
Marwyn approaching Rigg Bay

The bay is lovely and was very quiet when we arrived, allowing John a quick dip:

It’s no colder than anywhere else in Scotland …

The beach is lovely with the tide in – completely sandy in the middle, and shelving quickly enough to be able to swim properly without disappearing out to sea.


I just love getting in the water – a pity our weather isn’t better.


We walked further into the woods looking for an old tower, but I don’t think we went quite far enough this time. We will return!

Rigg bay from the south

The last photo shows the odd stone building by the beach – maybe an old storage place from when there might have been fishing off the beach.

I also managed to play a bit of radio as well – described in my new (ish) amateur radio blog.