At last, the first bike ride of the season down near Gatehouse. Cycling uphill into a tremendous wind to start with – but hey, the idea is to get fit again, right? After a fika in the Gem Rock Museum in Creetown I felt ready for the ascent back, which was much easier with the wind more or less behind me. I stopped a few times on this ride – it was a lovely day and the scenery beatuiful. Wildlife to see too – I frightened two deer that were beside the road in different places.

The Moneypool burn – beautiful in the sunshine before the leaves are all out

The burn beside the road was lovely in the sunshine, even sufficiently tempting to get me in the water for a quick dip – something I can rarely resist if the conditions are right.

Moneypool burn looking upstream

The plentiful rain the previous evening had enhanced the water flow a bit!

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