Whilst down in Gatehouse we visited a new tourist attraction that opened last year – a reconstructed iron age roundhouse. There has been a dig nearby for some time, and they found evidence of several round houses, including a very large one on which this is based. It’s a tremendous building, definitely worth a visit (the ticket gives entry to other museums etc and also is valid for a year!).

roof inside
The roof already shows signs of the fires burnt in the big hearth

The roundhouse is built from enormous logs and used the skills of many different craftsmen and women, including the thatcher.

The hearth is a large flat stone resting on an area of small stones.

It’s a great asset for the local community too – the local primary school children use it, of course, and they dyed wool and made a loom for the roundhouse.

wool and loom
The loom built by local school children

I love reconstructions like this – I think it’s the world I probably really belong in!

Roundhouse visitors in the doorway

Visit it! We will certainly be back.