clamped body

Some final progress on the Moraharpa before the festive break. Here’s the back being glued on.

At this time it’s important not to forget things like the label!

label stuck into instrument body

The top was also cut out ready for gluing. I have changed my mind several times whilst building the instrument, but in the end decided to add the top without a bass bar, since it is probably a bit thicker than it really needs to be and hence unlikely to collapse. If eventually it really needs one, I can take the top off since it’s glued with hide glue.

yop ready to be glued on

The sound hole shapes are traditional – or at least, the prototype instrument from Mora has them!

Top clamped

The top clamped on whilst the glue sets. These home made clamps have been very useful; the screws were originally bought when I built the kontrabasharpa.

Body finished

The Moraharpa body, completed in time for the festive break.