We had a trip of a few days up to Inverness to visit family and friends. The weather was mostly dreich but we enjoyed the trip.


The bridge is lit up in the summer as well, but it’s a lot less noticeable. It fits in well with all the rest of the festive lights though!

bridge, different lights

Through the mist you can see the pattern of lights on the bridge changes in a pleasing way.

buildings near bridge

The whole effect of the mist and lights was rather lovely – the north side of the Ness has become quite attractive.

pedestrian bridge

The old footbridge is decorated nicely, too.

school building

Marwyn’s old high school building is still there – it’s now an arts centre.

blue plaque

The architect gets a mention, to record when the school moved out of the centre.

view across the estuary

A trip over the Kessock bridge to visit friends on the Black Isle gave us a glowering view of Inverness from the other side of the estuary.

shop front

Some of those living locally are still in the dark ages 🙂

shopping mall

The Victorian market looks pretty good, even though a few of the stalls are vacant.

shop sign

I loved this old sign.

Loch Ness view

We called at Dores on the way home; I love this view down Loch Ness.

tatty caravan

Though if you look the other way, the Nessie hunters make a bit of a messy view.