Tune transcriptions

Transcriptions of tunes where I could not find the “dots” online. Sometimes I found a source later, but these are my transcriptions of how I heard the tunes.

Many are of traditional tunes; a few are of modern tunes where the composer is still alive! If you are such a composer and you object to me making my transcription of your tune available, please contact me and I will remove it.

Brudmarsch efter Axel Inge (or actually his mother, according to Josefina Paulson)

Fläckpolskan from ANA Nyckel Notes 21

Folketone Fra Sunnmøre after Bukkene Bruse

Halling från Värmland efter Mats Berglund

Himlapolskan (Johan Hedin) / Da Lounge Bar (Annlaug Borsheim)

Hins Polska transposed for säckpipa D/G, from folkwiki.se

Lachlans Näcken taught by Lachlan Green at Northern Streams

Matts Näsi from Frigg “Timeline”

Return from Helsinki in D; Ian Stephenson’s original is in G

Signepolskan from Paul Sinclair at Edinburgh Scandi Session

Troll Kärrings Låten from Anders Hall, source listed on the page

Vals etter Thorvald Tronsgård from Northern Streams 2017