Old Edinburgh Buses

Not being a bus anorak I can’t identify the type, but I do remember the style! Transport for Edinburgh 🙂 were running some of their old museum stock on the number 5 route, and I caught a couple of them as I was out in Morningside.

It was great today to see the SpaceX Crew Dragon arriving at the International Space Station today (complete with crew dummy “Ripley”). Fantastic to see high resolution images in real time – for those of us who watched low res video of the Apollo program it looks more like a sci-fi movie!

Well here’s a thing. Yesterday there were a couple of brief power outages, both under a second, separated by an hour or two. The first did no harm other than causing routers etc. to reset and clearing clocks without battery backup.

The second did a little more – my desktop PC is protected against power surges, but the power interruption caused the computer to reset. It booted, but came up with a blank screen rather than my usual “which operating system would you like just now?” Grub boot screen. Um …..

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Four Moon images

When I was a lad it used to be called a total eclipse of the Moon. Now the media call it a “super blood wolf moon” in their continued drive towards the lowest common denominator. We need science and we need people who can understand science, not ignoramuses who are proud not to understand science and who think it is just for geeks.

When I was little my dad used to wake me up in the middle of the night (like last night!) to see eclipses like this; I was always interested in astronomy.

The images were taken at about half hour intervals, from indoors through a double glazed window – I didn’t feel up to going out into the cold! The first was 1/500 sec at f/32, the second 1/500 at f/16, the third 1/100 at f/8 and the final one in totality 1/10 sec at f/5.6. All with the zoom at 200mm focal length on a Nikon D3100. The composite image was put together using the Gimp tool in Linux.

From China Space Agency at http://www.cnsa.gov.cn/n6759533/c6805166/part/6780096.jpg

Wonderful to see these superb images from the Chinese lander Chang’e-4 on the far side of the Moon. See more in the BBC News article and the originals on the Chinese space agency website.

I’m hoping that I see people walking on the Moon again in my lifetime.